Set up your motorcycle according to your ideas , by yourself.

FTECU Inc, is the main supplier and provider of software support for Moto America motorcycle racing. 

We are an authorized dealer of the FTECU brand in Slovakia. 

Our company comes with an offer of modern technology,  which allows  you  set up, tune, unlock your motorcycle, without outside help. High-performance tuning of control units is now your own service. With our products, you can make various settings available in the serial control unit of motorcycles with fuel injection. You do not have to send the control unit to other companies to get all the benefits of tuning and unlocking. Unlike current data rewriting, this system and our updates retain access to manufacturer diagnostics. Until now, this technology has been reserved only for factory pilots. With this software, you can remove factory restrictions imposed to meet strict standards for motor vehicles. This system eliminates the need for additional boxes and modules, which means you can effectively tune your motorcycle in your own garage. With a simple Plug and Play installation, you can have more power, fuel map settings, maximum speed limit unlocking and much more. Our products allow you to connect directly to the control unit at home, on the road, on the race track, or anywhere else.

Is it necessary to set up the control unit? 

All motorcycles are generally set with restrictions by the manufacturer, with small deviations depending on the country for which the product is intended,  to meet all standards. We offer you a number of settings that will help your engine "breathe" much easier.  There are many exhaust systems without a catalytic converter on offer.  After installation, it is necessary to tune the control unit to set the correct fuel mixture. It is the same after the installation of branded sports filters. 

Riding on a racing circuit 

For racing circuits, we offer the purchase of a Race Team Package Pro license in the form of an activation card. This system is designed to use Yamaha R1 and R6 products and was developed for the 2015 Superstock MotoAmerica class. It is designed to compete with the Superbike system. - This package gives you access to all the latest rider support strategies developed with Moto America's best-in-class Superstock 1000 riders. - Thanks to this system, your motorcycle will be much more powerful than a factory motorcycle while maintaining the compatibility of cable harnesses. Includes software notes from developers that describe how to make the most of many maps and features.

Active tune AFR

Once installed and activated, the Active Tune kit monitors the fuel mixture, making fast and consistent changes to meet different air/fuel requirements.Our breakthrough system replaces your inadequate stock O2 sensor with a proprietary FT lambda controller and the latest generation Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor. The use of a broadband oxygen sensor to monitor the fuel mixture becomes a powerful tool for perfect tuning and control during riding


If you have POWER COMMANDER installed, you will not lose your settings. We can reprogram the control unit with the same settings as the Power Commander. Of course, the condition is, to read the settings from the Power Commander or ignition module.