Suzuki GSXS1000, Data Link Bench ECU Flashing Kit 2017-2020

--FTdataLink ECU Interface USB Cable

-Bench Flashing Harness to flash your ECU outside of the bike
-Power Supply for Bench flashing (Compatible with International power outlets)
-FT License to allow unlimited flashes for a single ecu

Before ordering, make sure that your ECU number matches the number below.

  • 2020 Katana - 32920-38K91(US) StockECU
  • 18-19 GSXS1000 - 32920-38K50(US) StockECU
  • 18-19 GSXS1000 - 32920-38K90(US) StockECU
  •  18-19 GSXS1000 - 32920-38K30(EU) StockECU
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